How it works

If you’re anything like me then you need to know how this works.

Well in true contradictory fashion it is both simple and not-so-simple.

You see every business (and every finance team) is different but they do seem to suffer the same sort of issues

So how do we go about it then?

The first job is to have a discovery session with you to understand what the issues are that cause you the most sleepless nights.

Then I’ll put together a bespoke plan which will alleviate these issues.

Then I’ll deliver the plan

All sounds easy doesn’t it?

To an extent it is.

It’s a matter of using my years of experience as an FD to deliver a targeted mix of training, coaching and mentoring to get your teams to where they need to be.

But you shouldn’t get the idea that this is a quick fix that requires no effort from the business.

It takes time to get a team to be world-class and it takes a genuine commitment from the business to support the change

If you are the CFO or FD for the businesses then I act as your partner – almost an extension of you to deliver training and coaching leaving you to get on with the day job.

If you are the MD and you don’t have an FD then I can act as one in the short term whilst we work out what your finance team should look like in the future.

What you should do now

Your first job is to list all of the pain points you are experiencing now and what they mean to the business and how life would be different if they went away.

Then you need to give me a call.

Let’s just have a chat about your pain points and I’ll give you two guarantees;

It will be free

If I can’t help you I will tell you.

Call me now on 07514 564304 and lets explore whether I can help.