Awesome teams – resources

If you are viewing this then you may well have seen my Awesome teams talk in which case please enjoy these resources

if you haven’t seen my Awesome Teams talk then what’s the matter with you?

But you should still enjoy the resources

The presentation

This is the PowerPoint presentation I generally use.

The job ad bit

Credit Suisse report

This is an interesting report I reference that shows that companies that have just one female member of the board generally do better than their peers

Belben team theory

A whole site from the Belben foundation. Some paid information but there is some good background on the theory for free

Harvard Business review

An excellent report showing why diverse teams are more innovative

Money and all its evils!

The Hahneman – Deaton study on when money stops being a motivator!

Maslow’s Hierarchy

This is a download of a paper that discusses the two theories of motivation and Herzberg.pdf

The start before you start bit

The Recruit right bit