Are your courses good for CPD?

Well this is a tricky one.

So organisations accept CPD in one of three ways (please comment if you know of something different).

The first way is for the courses to be certified and delivered by an approved supplier. The problem for me with this is that every body will have its own certification regime and frankly there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to go down this route.

The second type is where an organisation requires that a course fulfils certain criteria. Typically my courses will do this and as long as you choose a relevant subject then you’ll be fine.

The final, and I have to say the most common type I come across are the Assess – Design – Do – Reflect type CPD arrangements.

So this is where you ASSESS what you need for your development in the coming year, DESIGN a course or series of courses to fill the gaps, actually DO the activity and then REFLECT on what the experience has added to your skillset.

Some of the courses need to be technical updates but some can be more general in nature. So for example a course on Time Management could be good for most people.

The answer then really is – ‘it depends’. Not a massively satisfactory answer but hopefully it gives you a guide and if you are really unsure then why not email your association with a course outline. You can always get them to contact me and I’ll talk them through it too.

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