How would you like a world-class finance team for your business?

What difference to your company would it make if you had a world-class finance team?

Would you find that your reporting was quicker, slicker and more accurate?

Would you have more confidence in your numbers?

Would you find that you spend less time firefighting and more time proactively influencing strategy?

I can give you that world-class finance function

I specialise in developing finance, payroll and HR teams into highly professional, efficient and effective functions.

This isn’t just talk though

I’ve done this for other companies including the fastest-growing company in Europe and the winner of the FTs ‘best places to work’ survey.

I’ve taken broken, demotivated and demoralised teams and transformed them into highly effective business partners.

If you want your company to be awesome then you need to do something that is different from the rest.

I set up Stuart Walker Training because I didn’t want to deliver ‘good’ training.

What I wanted to provide was a blend of training, coaching and mentoring that moves good up into ‘Awesome’!

If you’d like to find out how I can transform your finance team and indeed how I can transform your working day then give me a call now!

07514 564304

“After Stuart’s training programme our finance team closes month end quicker, is much clearer about their purpose and is much more part of the company”

CFO – Financial Services